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Due to the popular demand, we're now offering commissions for referrals. When you join our Affiliate Program, you'll generate extra revenue and increase the value of your site by offering visitors access to one of the leading web development sites on the Internet.

LaflammeNet will pay up to a 10% commission fee to an affiliate for any web development package purchased by their referred customer. Here's how it works:

1. Complete our registration form to begin the process of opening an account.

2. Once processed, you will receive your referral code along with a banner that can be placed on your web site. The banner is an option and does not have to be placed on your site. You can provide any type of advertisement about LaflammeNet, just be sure to include your referral code and mention they receive a 5% discount for using it.

3. Once your referred customer successfully purchases a web development package, you will be notified instantly of your new commission via e-mail.

4. Your commission fees will be mailed to you in the form of a check either semimonthly or monthly, whatever you prefer.

Below is the commission fee schedule:

  Purchase Amount
  Commission Fee
  5% Commission Fee
  7% Commission Fee
  10% Commission Fee

We offer higher commission fees for those who are referring more significant development work that exceed $1,000.00 per project. For more information about our extended Affiliate Program and to discuss your options, please contact us at (703) 757-9505

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